Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby shower, Portland style

We had an awesome coed baby shower on September 8th at Mt Tabor Park. Many thanks to Megan, Jodi and Heather for making it happen. It was a hot Sunday in the city, but nice and cool on our favorite extinct volcano. 

It was a perfect afternoon, with lots of friends, food and drink. Jodi made a beautiful Sabine poster for everyone to write their words of wisdom for the girl. I'd heard some freaky rumors about the weird shit that usually goes on at these baby showers, but the planning committee thoughtfully played to the boy/girl crowd and kept it real with a classic baby trivia contest. I did horribly, but I guess I'll be an expert soon enough. And in the midst of this very feminine activity, the Football Buddies managed to scrawl their Super Bowl hopes on the fabled Paper Plate of Prediction.

Our friends were very generous with their gifts for Sabine and we got lots of great stuff. I have to say though, that I have never seen a party clear out faster than when it was announced we'd be opening presents - I haven't seen a room empty that fast since the last time I did my poetry reading/interpretive dance/performance art ode to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Here's my video homage to all the great Super 8 footage I have from my childhood (it's about 5 minutes long):

Monday, September 1, 2008

And Lucy too!

I neglected to mention Lucy was among the ladies hanging out on Ladies Weekend. Sorry girly.

Ladies Weekend

I have been so lame that i haven't updated about the great weekend i had with Carol (step mom), Princess P (niece) and Megan (sister in law) last month. They all flew out for a weekend and we had a lot of fun. They spoiled me A LOT...waiting on me, nightly foot massages (a la Carol) and lots of good food and laughs. Little Miss P is so big already and a little sweet heart snuggler. Here she is hanging out with her cousin to be and auntie...

She also got to enjoy pool time in the back yard with Mom...

And play time with Grandma!

Thanks Ladies...it was wonderful!!!

34 weeks and counting

I continue to grow bigger and bigger...i am up 48lbs and measuring 33" at last week's doctor appointment. She claims all is well and that all those people that keep asking if my due date is wrong or if i am having twins are subject to what she calls the "fat-ass factor". She said cuz i am/was thin when i got pregnant there is no where for me to hide the weight gain...unlike people/fat asses apparently who were already overweight when they got pregnant. I like to believe her but dang my belly is huge!