Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hanging in the back yard

Here's some more video footage of Sabine hanging in the back yard on May 24, 2009.


Bath time is fun!

Sabine is starting to "talk" more and more. We love when she vocalizes like this, it's really endearing. Filmed on May 25, 2009.


Time to EAT!

Sabine started eating solid foods this month. Pears, bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots and more. She has a very sour reaction to the first few bites of anything, but after a few minutes she has her mouth open like a baby bird, begging for more. In short, a good eater.

This picture and video are from the first time she ate solid foods on April 13th, 2009. She wasn't that into it, but she was in a good mood afterward.


The Double Burp

Video from April 13, 2009. Even Bine thinks it's funny!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally catching up!

Ok, this is a long time coming - almost two months! I keep meaning to update the blog, but there is always a lot going on, plus I have been working quite a bit on some freelance projects.Much has happened in the last few months, but time is still short, so this will be a brief summation.

So, starting back in mid-March, my old college buddy Tim and his fiance Christina came down from Seattle for a visit. Actually, they were here to see Wicked, but we were happy to be their sloppy seconds.

Of course, since it's Springtime it's time for yardwork! Sabine had her first real time outside, hanging out while Mommy worked in the garden.

In April, we had a visit from Arlene and Mike. It was the second time Heather's mom had been out to see Bine, but the first time for Mike. We went out to the coast both weekends. The first weekend was beautiful, the second weekend it rained like mad.

As usual, Arlene and Mike helped out around a lot around the house and helped us finish some projects. They also gave Mommy and Daddy several nights out on the town while they stayed home with the girl.

The weather has been great this spring and Sabine has spending a lot of time in the back yard.

In late April, we had another visit from Ulla. By the time my mom left, Sabine was sitting up on her own pretty well and had learned a few other tricks from Omi.